Result Details

Event name: Albacore Southern Championships
Date: 05 May 2012
Type: Championship
Club: South Cerney Sailing Club
Classtype:ALBACORE , see more results
Rank SailNo Helm Crew Club Boat Name
1 8155 Neville Herbert Mark Fowler Lymington / Tewkesbury Gran Turismo
2 6493 Michael McNamara Flip Foulds NBYC/ GCYC Showdown For Jador
3 8126 John Woffinden Erica Hunter Maidenhead Who Ate All The Pies
4 7518 Judy Armstrong Paul Armstrong Scaling Dam Reckless Rat
5 8129 Philip Tindall Roy Box Maidenhead To Wero Gal
6 8133 Mike Banner Kay Woods Winsford Flash Avatar
7 6439 Jean Simmons Derek Simmons South Cerney Supersonic
8 6826 Matt Hocking Ruth Holmes South Cerney iWoof
9 6937 Barry Wicks Hannah Duncan Maidenhead Double Troubal
10 8152 Phil Smith Tom Williams Winsford Flash Albaholic
11 8128 Jeremy Rook Pauline Rook Lyme Regis Running On Empty
12 8158 Matthew Metcalfe-Smith Paul Metcalfe-Smith Ogston
13 7508 Dave Whittle Hannah Radbourne South Cerney Blaec
14 6917 John Howard Lynda Bennett Tewkesbury Stratosphere
15 5881 Steve Bailey Laura Johnson Nottingham Ariel
16 7525 Andy Pearce Ian Simpson Hawley Lake Blue Jay
17 8008 Liz Hassall Mike Weeks South Cerney Hamish MacJador
18 8068 Sue Morris Emily Baker South Cerney Braveheart
19 6912 Carl Hanson Paul Talbot South Cerney Blue Movie
20 6949 Hazel Smith Andrew Smith Tewkesbury Touchwood
21 7587 Blair Jaimieson Adrian Leatherhead South Cerney Sam The Greyhound
22 1397 David Peralta Don Clarke South Cerney B Flat
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