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Results for Martin PENTY

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
Handicap February,2010 Martin PENTY 100 176 Rutland Challenge for the John Merricks Tiger Trophy View
RS200 August,2011 Martin Penty 53 159 TridentUK RS200 Nationals View
RS200 September,2017 Martin Penty 49 101 Nationals @RS200Racing View
Handicap December,2017 Martin PENTY 39 65 Grafham GP Slow @GJWDirectUK View
RS200 August,2016 Martin Penty 29 97 RS200 Nationals @RS200Racing View
RS200 October,2009 Martin Penty 29 102 Inland Champs View
RS200 August,2014 Martin Penty 27 119 Volvo Noble Marine RS200 National Championships View
RS200 September,2006 Martin Penty 27 130 Nationals View
RS200 October,2019 Martin Penty 23 53 RS200 Inlands View
29er August,2007 Martin Penty 23 25 Nationals - Gold Fleet View
RS200 August,2015 Martin Penty 22 75 RS200 Nationals View
RS200 May,2016 Martin Penty 17 28 RS200 Open View
RS800 February,2010 Martin Penty 17 21 Winter Championships View
RS200 October,2016 Martin Penty 15 50 RS200 Inlands @RS200Racing View
RS200 December,2017 Martin Penty 13 14 Inlands @RS200Racing View

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