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Results for Jonathan Bailey

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
OPTIMIST May,2014 Jonathan Bailey 36 71 28th RYA Eric Twiname Championships - Optimist View
OPTIMIST May,2014 Jonathan BAILEY 100 210 Inlands View
OPTIMIST August,2014 Jonathan BAILEY 22 72 Optimist Nationals - Junior Silver Fleet View
OPTIMIST September,2014 Jonathan BAILEY 5 42 RYA East Zone Championships - Optimist View
OPTIMIST October,2014 Jonathan BAILEY 63 217 Optimist End of Seasons - Main Fleet View
OPTIMIST May,2015 Jonathan BAILEY 3 79 Eric Twiname Championships 2015 - Optimist View
OPTIMIST May,2015 Jonathan BAILEY 96 198 Optimist Inlands View
OPTIMIST September,2015 Jonathan BAILEY 3 23 RYA East Zone Champs View
OPTIMIST October,2015 Jonathan BAILEY 76 164 Optimist EOS View
OPTIMIST September,2016 Jonathan BAILEY 64 170 Optimist Champs @IOCAUK View
OPTIMIST October,2016 Jonathan BAILEY 61 181 Optimist End of Seasons @IOCAUK View
RS Tera April,2017 Jonathan Bailey 15 31 Pro @RSTeraSailingUK Springs View
OPTIMIST May,2017 Jonathan BAILEY 36 79 Optimist Trials @IOCAUK View
RS Tera July,2017 Jonathan Bailey 2 74 Inlands @RSTeraSailingUK View
RS Tera August,2017 Jonathan Bailey 7 36 Nats @RSTeraSailingUK Pro View

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