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Results for Dylan MCPHERSON

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
OPTIMIST September,2014 Dylan MCPHERSON 16 42 RYA East Zone Championships - Optimist View
RS Tera April,2015 Dylan McPherson 28 53 Magic Marine RS Tera Start Of Season Championships 2015 - Sport Fleet View
RS Tera August,2015 Dylan McPherson 24 46 RS Tera Sport Nationals View
RS FEVA March,2016 Dylan Mcpherson 1 69 Feva Springs View
RS FEVA April,2016 Dylan McPherson 33 54 Feva GP View
RS FEVA May,2016 Dylan McPherson 22 55 Feva Nationals Gold View
RS Tera June,2016 Dylan McPherson 4 41 RS Tera Sport Inlands View
RS FEVA June,2016 Dylan McPherson 16 72 Feva Inlands View
RS FEVA July,2016 Dylan McPherson 3 25 Feva GP View
RS FEVA September,2016 Dylan McPherson 6 40 Feva GP @RSFevaUK View
RS FEVA November,2016 Dylan McPherson 1 36 Feva Winters @RSFevaUK View
Handicap January,2017 Dylan MCPHERSON 29 287 Bloody Mary - GJW Direct SailJuice Winter Series View
RS FEVA March,2017 Dylan McPherson 1 63 Springs @RSFevaUK View
RS Tera April,2017 Dylan McPherson 6 31 Pro @RSTeraSailingUK Springs View
RS FEVA April,2017 Dylan McPherson 7 20 GP @RSFevaUK View

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