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Results for Andy Smith

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
Handicap April,2008 Andy Smith 45 212 Glyn Charles Open Pursuit Race View
Mirror May,2008 Andy Smith 4 74 English Braids Nationals View
Mirror June,2008 Andy Smith 2 75 Allen Brothers Nationwide Championship III View
Fireball August,2008 Andy Smith 4 90 Nationals View
Mirror September,2008 Andy Smith 1 38 Allen Brothers Inlands View
RS200 September,2008 Andy Smith 24 78 Inlands View
Fireball October,2008 Andy Smith 1 35 Inlands View
Mirror October,2008 Andy Smith 1 30 Mirror Nationwide Championship Series - Midlands. 18th - 19th Oct 2008 View
Mirror April,2009 Andy SMITH 2 30 Nationwide Championship 1 View
Fireball May,2009 Andy Smith 5 63 Nationals View
Mirror July,2009 Andy SMITH 4 110 Mirror Nationals View
Mirror July,2009 Andy SMITH 1 102 2009 Mirror World Championships View
Handicap January,2010 Andy Smith 1 61 Bloody Mary Pursuit Race View
Handicap January,2010 Andy Smith 3 60 Steve Nicholson Memorial Trophy - Double Handers Fleet View
Handicap February,2010 Andy SMITH 39 176 Rutland Challenge for the John Merricks Tiger Trophy View

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