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Results for Mick GREENLAND

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
Handicap October,2019 Mick GREENLAND 38 64 Great British Sailing Challenge Finals View
OSPREY August,2019 Mick Greenland 21 41 Osprey Nationals View
Handicap September,2018 Mick Greenland 14 59 Round Sheppey @allen_sailing Enduro View
OSPREY August,2017 Mick Greenland 17 37 Osprey Nationals View
OSPREY July,2017 Mick GREENLAND 5 16 Weymouth Regatta Osprey View
OSPREY April,2017 Mick Greenland 11 18 Osprey Open View
OSPREY August,2016 Mick Greenland 23 36 Osprey Nationals View
OSPREY July,2016 Mick GREENLAND 11 13 Weymouth Regatta Osprey View
OSPREY November,2015 Mick Greenland 8 17 Osprey Open View
OSPREY July,2015 Mick Greenland 20 34 Osprey Nationals View
OSPREY November,2014 Mick Greenland 13 16 Osprey End of Seasons View
OSPREY July,2014 Mick Greenland 21 40 Osprey Nationals View
Handicap February,2013 Mick GREENLAND 154 208 Rutland Challenge for the John Merricks Tiger Trophy View
No Selection January,2013 Mick Greenland 144 338 Virtual Rigger 40th Bloody Mary View
Handicap December,2012 Mick GREENLAND 19 27 Grafham Grand Prix - Medium Handicap Fleet View

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