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2019 Techno Europeans - Michmoret, Israel

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SailRacer is providing GPS tracking for all 168 compeiotitors across four divisions,  with electronic tally system

   SailRacer GPS Tracking    Hosted by Michmoret Emek-Hefer Sailing Club, for the 2019 Techno293 European Championships, in a stunningly beautiful location in every respect, home to World Champion Windsurfers, who know how to share the space with the sea turtles and other incredibly diverse marine life in what is a Sea Nature Reserve, an idyllic place to sail, and especially to hold a major competition.

And how well the whole event had been set up: everyone staying in accommodation with everyone else, the true “Olympic” village atmosphere, with social activities to match: morning pilates sessions, movie nights, lectures and water sports.
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