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Results for Steve Hall

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
No Selection January,2012 Steve Hall 121 575 sailJuice Global Warmup View
No Selection January,2013 Steve Hall 64 338 Virtual Rigger 40th Bloody Mary View
Handicap February,2013 Steve HALL 42 208 Rutland Challenge for the John Merricks Tiger Trophy View
No Selection February,2012 Steve Hall 38 610 2012 SailJuice Global Warmup Winter Series View
Lark June,2007 Steve Hall 33 72 Inlands View
Handicap January,2012 Steve Hall 32 256 Bloody Mary Pursuit Race View
No Selection January,2011 Steve Hall 32 256 View
Handicap December,2012 Steve HALL 31 45 Grafham Grand Prix - Slow Handicap Fleet View
MERLIN-ROCKET July,2015 Steve Hall 28 120 Merlin Week View
MERLIN-ROCKET August,2015 Steve Hall 28 71 Merlin Nationals View
MERLIN-ROCKET August,2018 Steve Hall 23 63 Nationals @merlin_rocket View
Handicap April,2009 Steve Hall 18 85 Glyn Charles Pursuit Race View
LARK November,2012 Steve Hall 18 28 Lark Winter Championship View
Handicap January,2011 Steve Hall 16 238 Bloody Mary Pursuit Race View
Handicap December,2012 Steve HALL 15 122 2012 Brass Monkey View

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