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Results for Terry Curtis

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
OSPREY August,2019 Terry Curtis 3 41 Osprey Nationals View
EUROPE June,2019 Terry Curtis 7 32 Europe Nationals View
Handicap February,2019 Terry CURTIS 66 160 Oxford Blue @SeldenMasts View
Handicap February,2019 Terry CURTIS 89 136 Tiger Trophy @jmst_uk @SeldenMasts View
OK April,2018 Terry Curtis 1 20 Inlands @OKDinghyGBR View
Handicap February,2018 Terry Curtis 11 79 Starcross Steamer View
OK September,2017 Terry Curtis 2 27 Nats @OKDinghyGBR View
Handicap September,2017 Terry CURTIS 8 30 Battle of Classes @SotonBoatShow View
EUROPE September,2017 Terry Curtis 2 18 Europe Nationals View
OSPREY August,2017 Terry Curtis 1 37 Osprey Nationals View
OSPREY July,2017 Terry CURTIS 6 16 Weymouth Regatta Osprey View
OSPREY May,2017 Terry Curtis 1 12 Osprey Open View
OK May,2017 Terry Curtis 6 43 Spring Cip @OKDinghyGBR View
OSPREY April,2017 Terry Curtis 2 18 Osprey Open View
Handicap March,2017 Terry Curtis 3 37 Exmoor Beastie View

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