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Results for Phil Ashworth

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
MERLIN-ROCKET August,2018 Phil Ashworth 47 63 Nationals @merlin_rocket View
MERLIN-ROCKET April,2018 Phil Ashworth 43 59 Silver Tiller @merlin_rocket View
MERLIN-ROCKET September,2017 Phil Ashworth 36 40 Inlands @merlin_rocket View
MERLIN-ROCKET August,2017 Phil Ashworth 27 38 Nationals @merlin_rocket View
Merlin-Rocket August,2016 Phil Ashworth 49 52 Merlin Nationals @merlin_rocket View
MERLIN-ROCKET June,2016 Phil Ashworth 8 15 Merlin Open View
MERLIN-ROCKET May,2016 Phil Ashworth 34 39 Merlin Open View
MERLIN-ROCKET July,2015 Phil Ashworth 88 120 Merlin Week View
MERLIN-ROCKET June,2015 Phil Ashworth 23 23 Merlin Open View
Merlin Rocket April,2015 Phil Ashworth 36 38 Merlin Open View
MERLIN-ROCKET September,2014 Phil Ashworth 21 21 Merlin Rocket Craftinsure Silver Tiller View
MERLIN-ROCKET October,2012 Phil Ashworth 22 23 Craftinsure Merlin Rocket Silver Tiller View
No Selection July,2012 Phil Ashworth 17 27 Weymouth Regatta - Fast Handicap PY 1079 and below View

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