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Results for Peter Curtis

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
RS800 October,2019 Peter Curtis 22 22 RS800 Inlands View
Handicap December,2018 Peter CURTIS 15 35 Grafham GP, Fast - @SeldenMasts View
RS800 October,2018 Peter Curtis 11 14 Inlands RS800 View
RS500 August,2018 Peter Curtis 6 50 Worlds @RS500sailing View
Handicap December,2017 Peter CURTIS 8 38 Grafham GP Fast @GJWDirectUK View
Handicap January,2017 Peter CURTIS 19 42 Grafham GP (Fast) - GJW Direct SailJuice Winter Series View
RS500 November,2016 Peter Curtis 1 2 RS500 End of Seasons View
RS500 June,2016 Peter Curtis 5 16 RS500 Nationals View
RS200 October,2015 Peter Curtis 13 24 RS200 Inlands View
RS500 June,2015 Peter Curtis 2 6 R5300 Southerns View
RS500 November,2014 Peter Curtis 1 2 RS500 End of Seasons View
RS500 October,2014 Peter Curtis 1 7 RS Gul Inland Championships 2014 - RS500 View
RS500 May,2014 Peter Curtis 8 13 RS500 Nationals View
RS500 November,2012 Peter Curtis 1 8 RS End of Season Championships - RS500 Fleet View
RS500 October,2012 Peter Curtis 5 8 RS Inland Championships - RS500 Fleet View

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