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Event name: RS Racing Circuit
Date: 18 April 2009
Club: Milton Keynes Sailing Club
Classtype:RS300 , see more results
RS 300 winners Milton Keynes SC
Photo Mark Warren
From L to R : 3rd Ian Smith (Craven SC), 1st Richard Le Mare (Draycote SC), 2nd John Carron (MKSC)

A blustery start to the day, with the wind shifting from leg to leg, the first race was led from the start by Richard Le Mare (Draycote SC) and was followed by a slight rusty John Carron (MKSC), and an early third place of Tom Moore (Llandudno) was overtaken by Matt Sargent (Thorney Island SC). Taking fourth place was Chris Morrisey (MKSC) in his A rig.

The second race had an early lead from Ian Smith (Craven SC), overtaken by a tussle between Chris Morrisey, and Richard Le Mare. They battled for first and second with Richard finally taking the lead on the final lap and Chris coming in second. Ian came in third, with John Carron battling his way up the fleet to a fourth.

Race three became a battle between Richard Le Mare, Chris Morrisey, and John Carron. Chris led the first lap, with Richard second, and John third. John managed to get past Richard, and Chris led the end of the second lap – but by the third John had overtaken Chris, and Richard had managed to take the lead. This became the final result, with Ian Smith taking the fourth. There was also a worthy battle between Paul Keeling (Blithfield SC) leading Matt Sargent - for fifth and sixth positions. Initially Paul was ahead but after a close sailing Matt overtook to take the fifth.

Day two, an early start of 10 o’clock was a rude wake up call for MKSC sailors. Not sure MKSC has ever run a race that early on a Sunday morning before. The wind was slightly lighter than the Saturday, but again presented a range of shifts to challenge even the most talented. Straight from the start Ian Smith led the race, with John Carron in second, positions they maintained the end. Richard Le Mare sailed a convincing third throughout the race, only to be beaten by Chris Morrisey in the final lap.

Day two, race two was led from the start by Ian Smith, pursued by Richard Le Mare, and in turn John Carron, positions they held to the end of the race. Jeff Marksz (MKSC) sailed a consistent fourth place.

The final race belonged to John Carron. He led the field from the start. An early second from Jeff Marksz, was overtaken by Ian Smith and Chris Morrisey. Again there was some close sailing with Chris initially leading Ian – but Ian gaining the upper hand in the third lap. Richard Le Mare sailed a consistent fourth to the line.

Rank Helm Club Points
1 Richard Le Mare Draycote SC 9.0
2 John Carron MKSC 10.0
3 Ian Smith Craven SC 11.0
4 Chris Morrisey MKSC 15.0
5 Matt Sargent Thorney Is SC 24.0
6 Tom Moore Llandudno 33.0
7 Jeff Marksz MKSC 34.0
8 Harry McVicar Braxbourne SC 45.0
9 Mark Tuffnell MKSC 47.0
10 Barry Steel Aldenham SC 50.0
11 Richard Oliver MKSC 50.0
12 Paul Keeling Blithfield SC 54.0
13 Russell Hopkins Tewkesbury SC 54.0
14 Shephen Sharpe Aldenham SC 60.0
15 Paul Bowers Draycote 69.0
16 Peter Warne Northampton SC 74.0
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