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Results for Zoe BAZEN

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
Handicap February,2018 Zoe BAZEN 99 127 Tiger Trophy @GJWDirectUK 6 View
Handicap November,2017 Zoe BAZEN 83 97 Draycote Dash GJW #1 View
Handicap December,2017 Zoe BAZEN 60 81 Datchet Flyer @GJWDirectUK View
Handicap January,2018 Zoe BAZEN 54 68 King George Gallop @GJWDirectUK 5 View
TopSW September,2015 Zoe BAZEN 31 RYA South and South West Zone Championships 2015 View
BYTE July,2016 Zoe BAZEN 9 20 Byte Nationals View
BYTE July,2018 Zoe Bazen 4 32 Byte Nationals View

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