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Results for Robert MASTERMAN

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
Optimist May,2008 Robert MASTERMAN 183 240 VOLVO MUSTO Optimist Inland Championship - Main Fleet View
Optimist October,2008 Robert MASTERMAN 126 225 End of Season View
OPTIMIST May,2009 Robert MASTERMAN 87 235 Inlands - Main Fleet View
RS200 August,2014 Robert Masterman 87 119 Volvo Noble Marine RS200 National Championships View
Optimist August,2008 Robert MASTERMAN 75 162 Nationals - Junior Fleet View
OPTIMIST May,2010 Robert MASTERMAN 72 223 Inlands - Main Fleet View
Optimist October,2006 Robert Masterman 63 68 Volvo Musto End of Seasons - Regatta Fleet View
Handicap May,2011 Robert Masterman 54 163 Glyn Charles Memorial Pursuit Race View
RS FEVA July,2012 Robert Masterman 44 60 RS Feva World Championships - Gold Fleet View
RS FEVA June,2009 Robert Masterman 43 57 Grand Prix View
OPTIMIST August,2009 Robert MASTERMAN 41 73 Optimist Nationals - Junior Fleet Gold View
RS FEVA May,2009 Robert Masterman 36 36 Nationals - Gold Fleet View
OPTIMIST May,2009 Robert MASTERMAN 29 59 RYA Eric Twiname Championships View
Optimist July,2007 Robert MASTERMAN 25 107 National Championship - Regatta Fleet View
No Selection July,2012 Robert MASTERMAN 24 77 Volvo Musto Optimist British National and Open Championship - Junior Fleet Gold View

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