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Results for Elodie EDWARDS

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
OPTIMIST October,2012 Elodie EDWARDS 200 208 Volvo Gill Optimist End of Season Championship - Main Fleet View
OPTIMIST May,2012 Elodie EDWARDS 187 224 Volvo Gill Optimist Inland Championship View
OPTIMIST July,2015 Elodie EDWARDS 102 163 Optimist Nationals (Senior) View
OPTIMIST July,2012 Elodie EDWARDS 96 96 Volvo Irish Optimist Championship - Juniors View
OPTIMIST March,2013 Elodie EDWARDS 84 141 Volvo Gill Optimist Spring Championship View
OPTIMIST July,2011 Elodie EDWARDS 80 86 Volvo Gill Optimist British National and Open Championship 2011 - Regatta Fleet View
No Selection April,2015 Elodie Edwards 77 78 Magic Marine Easter Regatta - Silver Fleet View
OPTIMIST May,2014 Elodie EDWARDS 69 210 Inlands View
OPTIMIST May,2011 Elodie EDWARDS 68 101 Volvo Gill Optimist Inland Championships - Regatta Fleet View
OPTIMIST May,2015 Elodie EDWARDS 59 198 Optimist Inlands View
OPTIMIST May,2014 Elodie EDWARDS 58 82 IOCA Optimist Team Selection Trials View
OPTIMIST October,2014 Elodie EDWARDS 58 217 Optimist End of Seasons - Main Fleet View
29ER February,2019 Elodie Edwards 57 72 29er Eurocup View
29ER June,2018 Elodie EDWARDS 54 118 29er Eurocup View
OPTIMIST July,2014 Elodie EDWARDS 50 68 Pwllheli International Optimist Regatta View

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