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Results for William HARDIE

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
Optimist July,2007 William HARDIE 65 129 Nationals - Senior Fleet View
Optimist October,2006 William Hardie 163 225 End of Season View
Optimist October,2006 William Hardie 163 225 Volvo Musto End of Seasons - Main Fleet View
Optimist August,2006 William Hardie 225 266 IOCA Rankings 2006-7 View
Optimist September,2005 William Hardie 199 281 IOCA Squad Selection Rankings 2005 - Overall View
Optimist August,2005 William Hardie 98 135 Volvo Musto Optimist Open and National Championships - Junior Fleet View
Optimist May,2005 William Hardie 209 232 Volvo Musto Optimist Inland Championships 2005 Main Fleet View
Optimist October,2004 William Hardie 24 69 Volvo Musto Optimist End of Season Championships - Regatta Fleet View

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