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Results for Toby SCHONROCK

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
Handicap February,2019 Toby SCHONROCK 51 136 Tiger Trophy @jmst_uk @SeldenMasts View
420 October,2018 Toby Schonrock 14 27 420 Inlands View
OPTIMIST March,2018 Toby SCHONROCK 23 179 Springs @IOCAUK View
OPTIMIST October,2017 Toby SCHONROCK 3 196 EOS @IOCAUK View
OPTIMIST September,2017 Toby Schonrock 2 52 RYA S Zones Optimist View
OPTIMIST May,2017 Toby SCHONROCK 5 207 Optimist Inlands @IOCAUK View
OPTIMIST March,2017 Toby SCHONROCK 32 138 Optimist Springs @IOCAUK View
OPTIMIST October,2016 Toby SCHONROCK 8 181 Optimist End of Seasons @IOCAUK View
OPTIMIST September,2016 Toby SCHONROCK 20 170 Optimist Champs @IOCAUK View
OPTIMIST June,2016 Toby Schonrock 9 92 Optimist Open View
OPTIMIST March,2016 Toby SCHONROCK 71 164 Optimist Springs View
OPTIMIST October,2015 Toby SCHONROCK 100 164 Optimist EOS View
OpSW September,2015 Toby SCHONROCK 19 RYA South and South West Zone Championships 2015 View
OPTIMIST July,2015 Toby SCHONROCK 50 155 Optimist Nationals (Jumior) View
OPTIMIST June,2015 Toby Schonrock 23 90 Optimist Open View

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