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Results for Sam Waller

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
RS200 June,2017 Sam Waller 23 48 Open @RS200Racing View
RS200 April,2017 Sam Waller 2 18 Open @RS200Racing View
Handicap January,2017 Sam Waller 37 56 Steve Nicholson Memorial Trophy - DH View
RS200 November,2016 Sam Waller 19 21 End of Seasons @RS200Racing View
RS200 October,2016 Sam Waller 16 50 RS200 Inlands @RS200Racing View
RS200 August,2016 Sam Waller 36 97 RS200 Nationals @RS200Racing View
RS200 July,2016 Sam Waller 4 15 Filey Regatta @fileysc @RS200Racing View
Handicap July,2016 Sam WALLER 22 231 Lord Birkett View
RS200 August,2014 Sam Waller 57 119 Volvo Noble Marine RS200 National Championships View
Topper April,2012 Sam Waller 7 28 Beaver Open View
TOPPER April,2012 Sam Waller 7 27 TridentUK North East Topper Traveller View
LASER 4.7 November,2011 Sam WALLER 20 42 Inland Championships View
Topper July,2011 Sam Waller 6 24 North East Area Champs View
Topper June,2010 Sam Waller 5 16 North East Topper Traveller View
Topper January,2006 Sam Waller 20 21 TOPPER OPEN MEETING View

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