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Results for Peter Chaplin

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
RS Aero November,2019 Peter Chaplin 20 34 RS Aero 7 - End of Seasons @DraycoteWaterSC View
RS Aero July,2019 Peter Chaplin 30 48 RS Aero 7 Nationals View
RS Aero February,2019 Peter CHAPLIN 8 48 RS Aero Winter Champs View
Handicap February,2019 Peter CHAPLIN 24 160 Oxford Blue @SeldenMasts View
Handicap January,2019 Peter Chaplin 37 52 Steve Nicholson Trophy - SH View
Handicap January,2019 Peter CHAPLIN 213 240 Bloody Mary @GJWDirectUK @SeldenMasts View
RS Aero August,2018 Peter Chaplin 40 52 RS Aero 7 Gold Worlds View
Handicap February,2018 Peter CHAPLIN 116 132 Oxford Blue @GJWDirectUK @sailjuice 7 View
RS Aero February,2018 Peter CHAPLIN 24 41 RS Aero Winters View
RS Aero November,2017 Peter CHAPLIN 12 35 RS Aero end of season View
RS Aero October,2017 PETER CHAPLIN 15 28 RS Aerocup 7 View
RS Aero September,2017 Peter Chaplin 49 68 RS Aero Challenge Cup View
RS Aero September,2017 Peter Chaplin 29 75 RS Aero 7 Nationals View
RS Aero August,2017 Peter CHAPLIN 25 62 RS Aero 7 Worlds View
RS Aero June,2017 Peter Chaplin 15 32 Aero Open @RSsailingInt View

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