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Results for Jack Holden

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
MERLIN-ROCKET April,2018 Jack Holden 30 59 Silver Tiller @merlin_rocket View
RS200 February,2018 Jack Holden 6 13 Start season @RS200Racing View
RS200 December,2017 Jack Holden 4 14 Inlands @RS200Racing View
RS200 September,2017 Jack Holden 7 101 Nationals @RS200Racing View
RS200 June,2017 Jack Holden 27 48 Open @RS200Racing View
Hadron H2 April,2017 Jack Holden 1 5 Hadron H2 Open View
Handicap December,2016 Jack HOLDEN 38 103 Datchet Flyer - GJW Direct SailJuice Winter Series View
RS200 November,2016 Jack Holden 5 21 End of Seasons @RS200Racing View
RS200 October,2016 Jack Holden 20 50 RS200 Inlands @RS200Racing View
RS200 August,2016 Jack Holden 19 97 RS200 Nationals @RS200Racing View
RS100 July,2016 Jack HOLDEN 4 13 RS200 Gold Cup @RS200Racing View
RS200 May,2016 Jack Holden 21 28 RS200 Open View
RS200 April,2016 Jack Holden 20 29 RS200 Open View
Handicap January,2016 Jack HOLDEN 65 274 GJW Direct SailJuice 6, Bloody Mary View
Handicap January,2016 Jack HOLDEN 59 147 GJW Direct SailJuice 5, Oxford Blue View

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