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Results for Adrian Howe

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
RS800 October,2019 Adrian Howe 21 22 RS800 Inlands View
Handicap September,2018 Adrian Howe 37 59 Round Sheppey @allen_sailing Enduro View
RS800 June,2018 Adrian Howe 13 17 Summers RS800 View
RS800 October,2017 Adrian Howe 14 14 RS800 Inlands View
RS800 September,2017 Adrian Howe 36 40 RS800 Nats View
RS700 September,2017 Adrian Howe 29 29 RS700 Nats View
RS800 June,2017 Adrian Howe 24 24 RS800 Open View
RS700 April,2017 Adrian Howe 13 15 RS700 View
Handicap January,2016 Adrian HOWE 122 147 GJW Direct SailJuice 5, Oxford Blue View
RS700 April,2015 Adrian Howe 20 20 RS700 Open View
Handicap January,2015 Adrian HOWE 70 235 Bloody Mary View
Handicap January,2015 Adrian HOWE 132 161 Oxford Blue View
RS800 November,2014 Adrian Howe 11 14 RS800 End of Seasons View
RS700 August,2014 Adrian Howe 20 21 Volvo Noble Marine RS700 National Championship View
RS700 June,2014 Adrian Howe 13 15 RS700 Southern Championships View

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