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Results for Adam WICKENDEN

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
Handicap January,2020 Adam WICKENDEN 125 288 Selden Sailjuice Winter #5 - Bloody Mary View
Handicap January,2019 Adam WICKENDEN 109 240 Bloody Mary @GJWDirectUK @SeldenMasts View
WAYFARER April,2018 Adam Wickenden 8 19 Wayfarer Inlands View
RS200 February,2018 Adam Wickenden 9 13 Start season @RS200Racing View
Handicap February,2018 Adam WICKENDEN 23 132 Oxford Blue @GJWDirectUK @sailjuice 7 View
Handicap December,2017 Adam WICKENDEN 11 81 Datchet Flyer @GJWDirectUK View
RS200 March,2017 Adam Wickenden 9 14 Open @RS200Racing View
Handicap January,2017 Adam WICKENDEN 45 287 Bloody Mary - GJW Direct SailJuice Winter Series View
Handicap January,2016 Adam WICKENDEN 177 274 GJW Direct SailJuice 6, Bloody Mary View
RS200 November,2014 Adam Wickenden 22 27 RS200 End of Seasons View
RS200 November,2012 Adam Wickenden 36 38 RS End of Season Championships - RS200 Fleet View
Handicap January,2011 Adam Wickenden 108 238 Bloody Mary Pursuit Race View
Handicap January,2008 Adam Wickenden 81 259 Bloody Mary View

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